Outlander Five Star Ancap Safety Rating




Parking your car is made even easier with reverse parking sensors that will warn you if you’re getting too close to an object behind you, taking the very last centimeter of guesswork out of parking or backing into a tight spot. The reversing camera also supplements the driver’s rear field of view by automatically appearing on screen when the car’s reverse gear is engaged.

Outlander Forward Collision Mitigation
Safety Features


Your Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed has eyes of its own on the road that detect obstructions ahead and issue an audio alert when there is danger of collision, automatically applying the brakes to avoid collision or reduce impact.

Outlander Anti Lock Break System

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Mitsubishi Outlander is equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which allows the driver to maintain steering control and manoeuver the car around obstructions in heavy braking conditions. 

Outlander Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Your Mitsubishi Outlander has intuitive technology to help guide you on the road. The Exceed’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) uses radar technology to detect any cars in the lane ahead and adjusts the speed of your car accordingly while maintaining a distance set by you. It’s perfect for high speed cruising and even in slow moving traffic jams.

Outlander Active Stability Control

Active Stability Control (ASC)

Active Stability Control (ASC) intuitively recognises when you over-steer or under-steer and applies brake force to appropriate wheels to keep you online through corners.

Outlander Active Traction Control

Active Traction Control

Active Traction Control (ATC) helps maintain the car’s traction on the most slippery or rugged surfaces by automatically controlling the engine’s output- so driving wheels are prevented from spinning. Sensing loss of traction in any wheel, ATC applies braking force to it and sends extra power and torque to other wheels with traction, to keep your Mitsubishi Outlander moving.

Outlander Electronic Breakforce Distribution

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) works hand-in-hand with Mitsubishi Outlander’s ABS computer to assess load and distribute braking force between the front and rear wheels. When you have a load in the rear, it helps you stop in a shorter distance than with standard brakes.

Outlander Hill Start Assist

Hill Start Assist

Steep city streets or congested shopping mall ramps will no longer be a problem with Mitsubishi Outlander’s Hill Start Assist (HSA) technology. It prevents the car from rolling backwards by maintaining braking force to give you time to move your foot from brake to accelerator.

Outlander Isofix


ISOFIX child seat anchorages are fitted throughout the Mitsubishi Outlander. Top-strap anchorages are also mounted on the rear of each second-row seat.

Outlander Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution


The RISE body system combines an energy absorbing front section with a strong, rigid occupant cell to provide outstanding protection in the event of an accident. Crushable zones teamed with a straight frame chassis and octagonal section frames are designed to absorb and dissipate energy from the passenger compartment.

Outlander Headlamp Washers

Headlamp Washers

Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed’s headlamp washers will make sure the road ahead is always lit well and your visibility is optimised.

Outlander SRS Airbags


Your prescious cargo is protected with Outlander's 7 SRS airbags including driver and passenger, side and curtain airbags and driver knee airbag. Designed to stabilise your lower body and knees during certain times of frontal collisions, the driver knee airbag provides and extra level of protection when you need it most.