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Outlander PHEV crosses the finish line in the 2015 Asia Cross Country Rally

18th Aug, 2015

The car will be driven, and team captained, by Hiroshi Masuoka who posted successive victories in the Dakar Rally 2002 and 2003. Technical support will be supplied by team manager and technical director Mr Yasuo Tanaka from MMC’s EV Component Research Department, Development Engineering Office. 

Mitsubishi Outlander review by a sporty Mum

7th Aug, 2015

What’s on 4 Kids? Lots! From footy training to gymnastics it’s always go-go-go in Elise’s house. She took the wheel of the new Mitsubishi Outlander to see how it handled her family of 5. 

Review: Kid-Testing the Mitsubishi range

6th Aug, 2015

If your family currently consists of more than two young children or is due to grow in number beyond a tidy four people, then child car seats are something you probably feel you spend far too much time thinking about. And if you’re thinking of car seats then you’re thinking of cars. Specifically, which models are going to comfortably accommodate the number of car seats your brood requires.

“The Triton has been nothing but amazing!” Toby Price

6th Aug, 2015

Toby Price has had a huge year.  From winning his fourth Finke Desert Race to getting an exciting deal with the Red Bull Factory Team he hasn’t had a moment to take his foot off the accelerator. As we’ve recently brought Toby on as a Triton ambassador we thought we’d catch him between races to find out a bit more about him and what he thinks of his Triton.

All-new Mitsubishi Challenger successor makes global debut

4th Aug, 2015

Mitsubishi Motors’ long-awaited successor to its versatile Challenger 4x4 SUV has made its international debut at the 2015 Bangkok International Grand Motor Sale in Thailand today. 

Sneak peek: Mitsubishi to premiere Challenger successor in Thailand

28th Jul, 2015

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has released the first official image of its third-generation Challenger four-wheel drive SUV ahead of its global debut in Thailand in August.

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