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A test drive of the Outlander PHEV

4th Feb, 2015

by Simon Diaz, Presenter – smoothfm

Firstly, I have to be honest with you. Being a father in his early 40s with two growing sons, one in high school next year, I’m not really looking for a high performance sports car (I can dream about that when they leave home). I need a car that's practical, comfortable and can haul the entire family including the dogs and a small caravan using 4WD lock. Towing 1500kg braked (towball download 150kg) was just perfect for my small Jayco.

I gotta say the Mitsubishi PHEV Outlander has impressed me and my wife (she really makes the car decisions). As I've become more accustomed to it and its amazing technology I’m really starting to think this is definitely the future of motoring – it’s cleaner, whisper quiet and unlike other hybrids. You have the option of running on electric charge from home or you can use the petrol engine to charge the battery while you drive so it effectively becomes a hybrid (and it charges while slowing down and braking).

My run into work at smoothfm in Richmond (Victoria) is around 25km, one way. It’s mostly stop/start traffic on the Monash freeway so I’m at the limits of a full electric charge but I made it and as long as you have petrol in the tank the motor will kick in to help power you the rest of the way while charging the battery. One thing you'll notice straight away is how quiet it is - you soon start looking at other noisy petrol/diesel cars in a new way. It’s true what Mitsubishi says, you'll love that car.

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