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14th Apr, 2015

As a part of our International commitment to help our Mitsubishi Ambassadors we’ve been proud to support World Champion surfers Adriano de Souza and Gabriel Medina while they are here in Aus competing in the World Surf League. We recently caught up with the boys to find out why they love coming back to Australia. 

What are your biggest personal achievements which have meant the most to you?  
Adriano: It’s really hard to describe one, but winning in Bells Beach in 2013 is probably the one I still have in my memory as being a top achievement. It’s probably the most famous event of the World Championships Tour and people have been competing this event since 1973. I remember watching videos of old championships there and the long waves used to impress me a lot. Plus being the first Brazilian to win meant a lot to me. 
Gabriel: Without doubt winning the 2014 World Championship Tour. 

Describe the feeling that you get from surfing:
Adriano: Since I was kid I remember people saying that you have to be happy and enjoy what you do to do it well. I love to surf. For me surfing is when I feel relaxed, even though I have to train a lot and always try to be better, but it doesn’t stress me much, because it’s just me and the nature. 
Gabriel: Working with nature and others, feeling the sea and the adrenaline to drop a wave is mad! I am very grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to do what I love.

What are the 3 things you like most about Australia?
1) The Beaches
2) Culture of Surf
3) Best contest around the planet

1) Climate, for looking and feeling like Brazil
2) Lifestyle
3) Sea

What's your favourite Australian surfing beach and why? 
Adriano: Snapper Rocks, because it’s very similar to Guarujá, where I grew up.
Gabriel: I love the Gold Coast.

How do the Australian beaches compare to International surf?
Adriano: I love to be in Australia and surf here as well. The beaches are amazing, it’s no wonder there is 3 out of 11 events of the World Surf League in Australia.
Gabriel: Although favoring the right, the waves are perfect. 

What’s your favourite Aussie word?  
Adriano: Ozzie Pie! 
Gabriel: Kangaroo

Which Mitsubishi model is your favourite one and why? 
Adriano: Pajero Exceed is my dream car.
Gabriel: Pajero, very comfortable and Strong.

Follow the boys journey via their social media accounts. 
Facebook – Adriano or Gabriel 
Twitter- MineirinhoSurf  or @gabriel1medina
Instagram - Adriano or Gabriel

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