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“The Triton has been nothing but amazing!” Toby Price

6th Aug, 2015

Toby Price has had a huge year.  From winning his fourth Finke Desert Race to getting an exciting deal with the Red Bull Factory Team he hasn’t had a moment to take his foot off the accelerator. As we’ve recently brought Toby on as a Triton ambassador we thought we’d catch him between races to find out a bit more about him and what he thinks of his Triton.

Toby, what are 5 words that best describe you?
“Motor-head, adrenaline junky, thrill seeker, childish and I reckon goofy would be another one.”

Tell us about some of your biggest personal achievements.
“I guess starting from now going back – 3rd at the Dakar Rally, 1st in the E3 class and 2nd outright at the international six day event in Argentina. Then moving onto my Australian results, winning the Finke Desert Racing in Alice Springs four times, winning the Hattah Desert Race five times, winning the Australian four-day championships twice and winning the Australian off-road championship four times.”

What's coming up for you in the next year? Lots of exciting things by the look of it!
“It's been a crazy month for me, to put it in perspective; Ten years of dreams have come true. I will be representing the Red Bull Factory KTM Rally team on the international world rally circuit as well as the Dakar Rally. It all begins in October this year where I will make my debut for the rally team in Morocco, it will be full gas up until Dakar which will be early January. I will still be based and living here in Australia with plans to compete in a number of one off events. I'm more than excited to be honest.”

Sounds incredible! Tell us a bit about your Triton. You have only had it for a month but how has it helped you already?
“The Triton has been nothing but amazing, it's seriously the best ute I have ever driven. I've had the new Triton Exceed for just over four weeks now and I've put just over 9000km on the clock. My manager and I recently drove from Brisbane, Queensland to Mildura, Victoria in one go. It was a really smooth and comfortable drive. The biggest thing I noticed was normally I am stiff as a board after a 21 hour drive or flight, I jumped straight out of my Triton feeling relaxed and ready to race. “

What's your favourite feature on your Triton?
“The biggest bonus to the Triton is how quiet the drive is. There is next to no road noise and that is a huge plus for me while I'm driving long distances. Another feature I love is the interior, it's extremely comfortable.”

Aside from hooning around the desert on your bikes what else do you like to do in your Triton?
“I love to take the Triton mountain bike riding! We normally load the tray full of mountain bikes and fill all five seats and discover new trails and open roads. I'm yet to have the opportunity to take it 4x4 driving but I am keen to. Although the Triton looks too good to get dirty!

Find out more about the Triton.

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