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Winter Safety Tips

6th Aug, 2014

Winter safety tips

As the cold winter is really kicking in across some parts of Australia we have 10 handy hints to help keep you and your Mitsubishi extra safe this season!

  1. Keep Warm:  Turn on the air conditioning from time to time. It will keep the air conditioning system lubricated and is the best way to demist windows quickly.
  2. Splish Splash: Chemicals contained in the dirt and dust picked up from the road surface can damage the paint coat and body of your vehicle if left in prolonged contact. Frequent washing and waxing is the best way to protect your vehicle from this damage. This will also be effective in protecting it from environmental elements such as rain, snow, salt air, etc. If travelling to a particularly cold area, be sure to wipe off all water from the rubber parts around the doors to prevent the doors from freezing.
  3. Tyre Pressure Check: Check the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure as per owner’s manual. Under inflated tyres can be dangerous and correcting the limits will increase your car’s braking efficiency and overall handling.
  4. Super Safe Tyres:  Poorly aligned tyres can result in vibration, premature failure, poor handling or rapid tread wear. Check the tyres’ indicators in the tread pattern, this will show as lines across the tread when reached the minimum acceptable tread (usually 2mm).
  5. A Good Servicing: Ensure your vehicle is running as it should by having it serviced at an authorised Mitsubishi Dealer at regular intervals as per Service and Warranty book.
  6. See the Light: Check that all your lamps on headlights and indicators are working and are positioned correctly. Be careful to make sure fog lights are only used in misty conditions and are switched off for regular driving conditions to ensure you comply with legislation road rules.
  7. Battery TLC: Keep a look out for any corrosion on the battery, especially around the terminals.
  8. See clearly:  Dirty windscreens will limit your visibility especially during winter sun months. The window glass can normally be cleaned using only a sponge and water. Glass cleaner can be used to remove oil, grease, insect carcasses, etc. After washing the glass, wipe it dry with a clean, dry, soft cloth. Never use a cloth that is used for cleaning a painted surface to clean a window. Wax from the painted surface could get on the glass and lower glass transparency and visibility.
  9. Wipe out: Are your wipers up to the job? Signs of a degraded wiper are streaks, smears and inability to wipe the glass effectively. Replacing the wiper rubbers are easy and will increase your visibility in challenging conditions. Your Mitsubishi Dealer can fit them for you.
  10. Brake Check:  Worn brakes, like tyres, can extend your stopping distance and increase the risk of a collision on a wet road. 

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