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Eclipse Cross Shining Under Australian Conditions

Eclipse Cross Shining Under Australian Conditions

October 3, 2017

The all-new Eclipse Cross is coming soon. Our sporty new SUV is set to re-define the Crossover landscape, combining style and versatility like never before. When Mitsubishi Motors Corp wanted to test the engineering development car in Australian conditions, we jumped at the chance.

Eclipse Cross Shining Under Australian Conditions

The Eclipse Cross development car certainly turned a few heads donned in its camouflage! It’s sleek yet muscular body zipped around the inner city laneways with grace and power. With distinctive alloy wheels and a sophisticated front end our latest SUV mastered the tight CBD streets in style.

There’s nothing quite like our golden sunrises so we took the prototype away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the country to test it off road under the morning rays. The vehicle felt as comfortable off road as it does in the city and even though it was a particularly fresh and dewy morning the heated front seats kept us toasty.

It wouldn’t be a true Australian test without a visit to our picturesque winery regions. Packed with safety features and off road capabilities, the Eclipse Cross prototype superbly handled the hilly terrain with ease. The interior finishes and cabin comfort provided a welcome companion for any road trip getaway.

With a turbo charged petrol engine the Eclipse Cross engine has been tested here in Australia and has the power to dominate some of our best stretches of road. And we’re pleased to report it powered over them with ease.

Eclipse Cross Shining Under Australian Conditions

Like all good Aussie hosts we took the Eclipse Cross prototype to bask in the sunshine of the Australian beaches, but we weren’t just there to soak up the views. While it may look like fun from above with an extra large sunroof, the prototype is all business off road as we tested its traction control and AWD grip over the sand and some rocky ground.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win your very own Eclipse Cross when it arrives in Australia. Register to be updated on the latest information and for a chance to win.