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First Date Conversation Starters

First Date Conversation Starters

October 13, 2017

First dates can be fun, exciting… and potentially very awkward. If you’re driving to your destination, the quiet, cocooned environment of a car can lead to some great conversation, but can also be quite intimidating – both for you and your date.

To avoid first date jitters, here are a few conversation starters to get things going:

1) Open with a compliment
Your date has probably spent a lot of time getting ready, so it's always a good idea to acknowledge them with a nice compliment. Try not to be too generic, but rather, point out something specific that you like about them. It will set the tone and also lets them know that you are genuinely interested.  

2) How was your day?
As soon as you collect your date, ask how they’ve spent their day so far. Did they have fun? Do they do this regularly? This will automatically ground the conversation and will also give your date an opportunity to ask you the same question in reply.

3) Cool car! How long have you had it? 
Most people are proud of their cars, chances are they wouldn't have agreed to drive if they weren't, so pay attention to their car and ask a few questions. How long have they had it? What made you decide to get this one? And for the extra adventurous, look around and ask how a specific feature works. Your date will be blown away by your interest!

First Date Conversation Starters

4) What do you do for work/study?
It may be a predictable question, but depending on how well you already know your date, asking them to tell you all about their job or what they’re studying can be a great way to show genuine interest and find out more about who they are and how they spend their time.?

5) Do you have any siblings?
Asking about a person’s siblings can be a great way to start a conversation about your date’s family. By asking a question with a ‘yes/no’ answer, you’re also giving them the opportunity to keep the answer short and simple, or elaborate and tell you more if they feel comfortable doing so.

6) Do you like living in…?
You can also ask your date about where they live, who they live with and how long they have been in their apartment/home. This is a subtle way to open up a far broader conversation about their background and living circumstances.

7) Shall we play some music? 
Background noise is always good and provides a comfortable atmosphere for you to engage in.  Flick on your favourite radio station, play your favourite tunes via your ipod or if you have Smartphone link Display Audio you can even access Spotify and impress your date with your musical acumen. Who knows, your musical tastes might be what brings you closer together! 

A few dos and don’ts:

- Ask questions that show you’ve been listening to what they have said.
- Keep the conversation light and fun.
- Share information about yourself as well – you don’t want your date to feel they’re being interviewed.

- Ever ask about their past relationships on the first date!
- Bring up your previous relationships.
- Mention controversial topics like politics or religion, unless you’re completely confident your date shares similar views to you, or you want to cover off any potential philosophical differences early!
- Interrupt. While it’s nice to share some of your own stories, make sure you also listen and ask questions to show you’re interested.
- Get too intense! Ask fun, light-hearted questions and keep it easy. Don’t talk love, babies or marriage…yet!

While every date and relationship is different, it’s always a good idea to try and relax, just be yourself and of course, try and have fun! 

First Date Conversation Starters

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