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Mitsubishi Boot Camp Week Five

June 29, 2016

This week I’ve put together a little video for you to watch one of my “Boot Camps” come to life.

3 X sets of 12 reps

12 X Push up turn out
12 X Single leg dips (each leg)
12 X Push ups
12 X Flutter kicks (each leg)
45 sec Wall sit
20m sprint 

My littlest lady is loving these Outlander workouts a little too much. She won't get out of the boot and finds it hilarious when the Power Tailgate automatically closes!

Who is Stay Strong Mummy?

I have been running my Stay Strong Mummy blog for 2.5 years now and I often get asked similar questions. So here's a quick recap of my most commonly asked questions:

I workout for around 15 mins at a time, sometimes less.

I workout 3 to 4 times per week.

It's all I have time for and yes, it has given me results, I'm feeling fitter, leaner and stronger two pregnancies (including twins) later.

I focus on 80% diet and 20% exercise. I don't believe you can out train a bad diet. Food has great links to your emotional wellbeing just as much as your physical. Focus on how food makes you feel.

I focus on strength and conditioning style training in bursts of high intensity interval training. 

What does my diet include? Lean proteins, quality fats, every single fruit and vegetable I can get my hands on, a little dairy, WHOLEgrains, natural protein supplement, tea, coffee, water and yes, some alcohol on weekends. I count chemicals, not calories. I limit packaged foods. Real food doesn't have a never ending list of ingredients, it is the ingredient. 

I have 1-2 'treat' meals per week. Notice I say treat and not cheat. There's no need to associate cheating with food!

There is no secret to it all, I eat clean, wholefoods every day and the exercise complements that by building some subtle muscle.

I'm not training to be an 'athlete' or for a special event, so this level of training is a lifestyle choice for me as a mummy that keeps me feeling fit, healthy, lean, energised and strong (emotionally and physically).

Mitsubishi Boot Camp Week Five

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