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Mitsubishi Boot Camp Week Six

Mitsubishi Boot Camp Week Six

July 6, 2016

I feel so privileged to have been able to be a 'stay at home mother' for the first four years of my motherhood journey. A lot of people say that 'we are the teachers' in this parenting gig, but my word - my children have taught me so much about life, what's important and what I'm capable of. They've shown me a type of love that I never knew existed and every day as a mother, wife and person I learn something new just being around them.

Around six months ago, I decided to step 'back into the office' and go back to work part-time. Whilst Stay Strong Mummy is an exciting business for me, I was craving that 'thing' that would challenge me a little bit more and also allow me to utilise my digital media experience. Before having kids, I worked for a Public Relations agency and when I was invited back into the game earlier this year, it was the missing piece of my puzzle. I now consult to an array of clients on social media and digital campaigns and absolutely love it.

Mitsubishi Boot Camp Week Six

Working four days a week in the office, assisting my husband with his business and jumping online when my little family is in bed of evening to run my social media pages and handle the business side of it has really tested my 'organisational' skills. Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I'm a little OCD when it comes to organisation and well, it's been quite the test, but I am loving it!

Over on my personal blog, I've included plenty of posts on how I find the time to prepare nutritious meals and pencil in some workouts, but I thought it was time for a little update - especially now that I've been back working for six months and my babies are now toddlers.

- So, here is a recap of 'how I find the time':

- Set aside an hour or two each week to prepare some dinners and snacks in advance.

- Research some of your favourite recipes and find 'clean' and wholefood alternatives to them. (Yes, a homemade pizza, burgers and pasta can be healthy!)

- Write down the bulk of your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks and make sure you include a few 'clean' sweet treat options. (Hello, raw snickers slice!) This is not only helps plan the week out, it's a good way to ensure you aren't buying foods that you don't need in a grocery shop.

- Do a weekly food shop. I do mine online and have it delivered on the day that I'll be doing my food prep for the week. It's instant motivation when you have an abundance of groceries looking at you.

- Aim to prepare 3 dinners in advance at the start of the week, so if you are busy or not getting home until late - they are ready to go and rather than rushing around like a mad woman, you can enjoy time with the kids.

- Remember that snacks are just as important, have them on hand.

- If you prepare a lunch box for kids, then prepare one for yourself too. At dinner time, I get an extra 'lunch box' out for the hubby and myself and put extra servings in them for lunch the following day.

- Have confidence in your ability to cook. When you prepare your own food, you know what's in it (and you'll enjoy it more!). Sometimes it's about practice. Keep it simple. You don't need hundreds of different recipes; you know what works for you and your family. Just ensure the ingredients are free of chemicals, preservatives, additives and junk!

- Prepare some breakfasts that can be made the night before (overnight oats, muesli cups, chia puddings smoothies etc)

- Prepare smoothies in advance so you can 'grab n go'. NB: They may lose some texture when not consumed straight away, but just add some water and give them a quick shake up - it's better than nothing at all.

- By having some structure and routine to your week, not only do you find yourself making better food choices, you actually end up having more time with the family and to sit down and enjoy your meals.

- Set yourself a goal of a number of workouts per week. For me, that's at least 3 sessions a week. Think outside the square as to when and where you can do them. Aim for one early morning session, a later evening and one on the weekend.

- Pack kindy bags, lay out clothes and shoes for the kids and make lunches the night before if you're leaving early with the little people. (It saves arguments over the blue or green socks the following morning!)

- Sometimes in the morning when I'm making the beds before work, I'll get the kiddies PJ's out and lay them on their beds for bath time that night. I also set the table for dinner that night, I told you, OCD!!

I always try and think to myself 'what can I do now that will help take the pressure off me later'. They are little things, but they make a big difference.

It's been an absolute pleasure blogging here on the Love That Car blog and I hope you've enjoyed my posts and workouts. 

My final workout in this 6 week #MitsiBootCamp series is:

As many rounds and reps in 15 minutes as I can. 1 minute break after each round. When you reach the bottom of the list, start again from the bottom of the list.

40 high knees

40 butt kicks

40 second plank

30 flutter kicks

30 leg raises

30 second plank

20 mountain climbers

20 alternate leg lunges

20 second plank (left leg raised)

10 jump squats

10 push ups

10 second plank (right leg raised)

5 fast burpees

Disclaimer: Content is correct at date of publishing. Vehicle related content in this article refers to 16MY Mitsubishi Outlander.

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