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Mitsubishi Boot Camp Week Three

June 15, 2016

One of the greatest lessons that I have learnt since becoming a mother is just how important it is to ‘switch off’ as a family and enjoy some quality time together. It’s so easy to get caught up in our ‘to-do’ lists (that are forever growing with children) that it can be quite hard to find that downtime. Well, it has been for us.

My husband works six days a week, so our only day off together as a family is a Sunday. It’s often a juggling act between the kids going crazy over ‘having Daddy home and wanting to play’, me looking for some one-on-one time with him and for Daddy-dearest…. Trying to spend time with the family, all the while having a bit of down time for himself, preparing for his work week ahead and also tending to the maintenance of our home. You don’t want to see me try and operate a lawn mower - I tried it once and he banned me!

Needless to say, Sunday’s seem to go very quick in our household, but over the past few months we have been forgetting our ‘to do lists’ on a Sunday morning and going on what we call, little family adventures!

Mitsubishi Boot Camp Week Three

By taking off and getting out of the house most Sunday mornings, it seems to allow us to tick all of the ‘Sunday boxes’.

We jump in the car (with two large coffees!) and escape to either the park, beach, mountains or just somewhere that we haven’t been before! When we take off in the car I find the kids can enjoy chatting to Daddy, we get to have a laugh as a family and at some point when the kids take a nap on our trip home, we both get to enjoy some down time together and can talk about anything and everything, well, I talk…. he pretends to listen and enjoys opening the sun roof and listening to some tunes.

Last weekend we took off in our Outlander, loaded up the kids’ scooters and our tennis rackets and took off to a sporting centre around 30 mins from home. We hired a tennis court and the kids enjoyed chasing the balls around, the hubby and I had a bit of a hit. He laughs at me, because he always thinks I’m so competitive, I think he told me to relax about 15 times! I tell you what… hitting a few tennis balls does wonders for stress relief!

We aren’t avid tennis players, in fact we probably haven’t played for over a year. But it was something that got us all outside, in a new environment, the kids could run around, we tried to teach them a little bit about tennis, they took their scooters on the court and played up one end when we took a break…. And well, when everyone is fenced in on a safe and secure domain, that makes for one happy mummy! It cost us all of $9.50 to hire the court for an hour. We took our own picnic lunch and stopped at a park on the way home and I was able to do my Mitsubishi Boot Camp while Dad and the kids played. A mini-trip on a Sunday really makes a difference to our day off!

Mix it up. Do some planning. Discover little secret spots and enjoy little family adventures together. I actually have a list of ‘Sunday outings’ on my fridge and every Saturday, my husband asks the kiddies which ‘adventure’ they would like to go on. With so much free information online, it’s so easy to discover new places. And, they don’t have to break the bank.

Health and wellness isn’t just about fitness and food, it’s about your relationships, your emotions, your energy, the family dynamic and releasing stress. Often that can be tricky when you have a busy household. Don’t underestimate the benefits of just ‘getting out’ with your family (even if it takes a little planning). It’s about having fun and a good old laugh together.

My #MitsiBootCamp workout for week three is:

45 secs work, 15 secs rest x 2 rounds at each station.
Station 1 (repeat twice):
Alternate leg lunges
Step ups
1 min break, then straight into:
Station 2 (repeat twice):
Elevated push-ups
Push up turnout

Station one is done just beside my car.

Station two is done using the boot as a bench. For the push up turnouts, I do one push up and then lift one arm and rotate my body to the side (so I go into a side plank). Return back to the centre, pushup and then rotate to the other side, lifting the alternate arm. It takes control and is a great exercise to activate my core!

Disclaimer: Content is correct at date of publishing. Vehicle related content in this article refers to 16MY Mitsubishi Outlander.

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