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Mitsubishi Boot Camp Week One

June 1, 2016

Mitsubishi Boot Camp Week One

I’m a huge fan of short and sharp workouts! As a busy mum to three within 19 months, I aim for three workouts a week for around 15 minutes at a time. I love to focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as I find I get more ‘bang for my buck’ - minimum time and maximum results.

I’ve been sharing some of the workouts involving the Outlander SUV that Mitsubishi are currently lending me, so they’ve asked me to create a little boot camp workout series. Over the next 6 weeks, I will be releasing a Mitsubishi Boot Camp episode every week, hoping it will give you some inspiration for your own quick and easy workouts.

When you’ve got little people running around, there is no place like home, or even better, a park! The kids can burn off some steam and mummy can sneak in a little time to move and nourish herself.

You don’t need a heap of equipment to get in a quick and efficient workout, I love using my own bodyweight, holding the kids, using my pram or even working out using my car! I can get in a great session with the car on my driveway or pull up at a park and use it as a bench for dips, lunges, toe taps, push ups and more! Plus, my little people and I sometimes just like to hang out in the boot sipping green juices after a play/workout. (What is it with a car boot? They pretend they are camping in there!)

The key to implementing some exercise every so often is to think outside of the square and not to underestimate the power of a quick, HIIT workout. I used to run marathons and only ever trained for an hour at a time, but since having my children and reaching my mid 30’s, my perception on fitness has changed and I like to focus on nourishing myself, giving myself a little push – but not punishing myself. And, two years on…. I’m feeling fitter, leaner and stronger than ever before.

I’m not a personal trainer or coach, I’m a mum who blogs about her first-hand experiences and loves to share that with mummies all over the world.

My Stay Strong Mummy ‘Mitsi Boot Camp' in my Outlander this week:

30 secs each exercise, 15 secs rest x 4 rounds. No breaks.

Bulgarian lunge left

Bulgarian lunge right

Jump squats


Elevated push ups


Top Tip: Download an interval timer to your phone (I use Tabata Pro) so it prompts you when to start and stop. You can crank your music through the car and pop your water bottle and snacks for the kids in the boot!

For my Bulgarian lunges (single leg lunges), I like to place my back leg on the door jam. The jump squats and burpees are done just beside the car (sometimes with the kids in the boot!) and the dips and elevated push ups are done using the boot as my bench.

Now over to you! Let us know how your #MitsiBootCamp is going on @mitsubihsiaust or @staystrongmummy

The car I’m driving is the Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed with 7 seats. Have a look here if you’d like to find out more about it.  

Disclaimer: Content is correct at date of publishing. Vehicle related content in this article refers to 16MY Mitsubishi Outlander.

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