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Mitsubishi SUV Built for the time of your life

Mitsubishi SUV Built for the time of your life

September 6, 2016

At Mitsubishi we build SUVs for the time of your life. You might have a baby on board or just need more space for your boards. You might be retired, but not the retiring type. You might have a family that feels more like a team or just want a city-sized compact SUV for the ride of your life. Whatever your journey, whatever you’re taking and whoever’s coming with you, we’ve got an SUV built for the time of your life. So let’s find out what some of our SUV owners think about their Mitsubishi.  From the busy bustling lanes of Melbourne to kindy drop offs and epic desert escapes, let’s explore how some of our Mitsubishi family are having the time of their life.

Mitsubishi ASX: Built for turning heads

Fashion blogger ‘She’s the Contessa’ turns heads wherever she goes. From cosmopolitan shopping trips to exclusive launch events, she leads a busy life and needs a chic set of wheels that turns as many heads as she does. Here’s a glimpse into her stylish life and what she thinks of the ASX.

Mitsubishi Outlander: Built for the whole team

Mother to three beautiful children, all born within 19 months, Kimberley aka Stay Strong Mummy believes all Mums can be strong, inside and out.  ‘Stay Strong Mummy’ loves her Outlander for her team.

As a young and busy family of five, we spend a lot of time 'on the road!' Whether it's doing kindergarten drop offs, going to work, grocery shopping, pulling up at the park, or running errands - the Outlander is often referred to as our 'home' on wheels. As an active family, the stylish but sporty vehicle has everything under the one roof for us. We can load scooters, bikes or groceries into the boot while carrying the kids - as a touch of the SmartKey allows it to automatically open and close. We're surrounded by the latest technology and communications systems which is fantastic for work, life and play. It's also proven to be our weekend saviour. With three kids aged four and under, we enjoy taking off in the Outlander for coastal day trips where we soak up some Vitamin D at the beach or embark on a mini weekend getaway where we discover and explore natures secret hot spots. It's certainly built for us and we feel safe and stylish in it. The Outlander gives us a sense of freedom as a young and active family. It gives us the perfect base to have the time of our lives.”

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: Built for anything you can throw at it adventurous

Laurie Pelech is a bold adventurer and has put the Pajero Sport through its paces on some of the toughest 4WD tracks in Australia, from Stockton sand dunes to the Flinders Ranges. As a vehicle development engineer, Laurie loves to get behind the wheel of all our cars and test them out.

I have driven the Pajero Sport many thousands of Km's from city traffic, towing through the outback & on rough and corrugated cattle station 4WD tracks 'rattle free'. I've found the seat comfort & driver controls very ergonomically positioned for easy use. The size of the SUV is just right with a great turning circle for that tight supermarket spot or that hard uphill 4WD switchback that a larger 4WD would have to take 2 bites at, yet still capable of carrying heaps in the back or seating up to 7.”

Our Mitsubishi Mum Belinda Jennings from Mum Central loves to put all of our cars to the test but when she got behind the wheel of the Pajero Sport, she knew she had something special. 

"The Pajero Sport really does take what our loud, busy and growing family throws at it! She gets us from A to B in comfort and style, whether it's off road camping trips, my midweek business meetings or soccer games on the weekend – it's good to know she's got you covered! Best of all, the car's so intuitive she's the eyes in the back of your head every mum needs, both on the road and in the back seat! Wherever we go we know we'll have the time of our lives in our Pajero Sport. "

Mitsubishi Triton: Built for tough work and play

Professional off-road motorcycle athlete and all-round motorsport fanatic, Toby Price flies the Mitsubishi Motors Australia flag around the globe competing in off-road races from the Dakar to the Finke Desert. Wherever he goes he needs a tough ute to help him get there.

To head off on a new adventure anywhere at anytime without worrying about how I'm going to get there or the challenges ahead, is epic. As a professional motorsport athlete, I'm always on the road to riding locations. Remote off-road tracks, huge sand dunes, dirt roads with river crossings, you name it I tend to trek over them all. With my Triton it is all play on route to the next destination until the keys are out of the ignition and my helmet is strapped on, then I get to work.”

Having the time of your life in your Mitsubishi SUV? Take a snap and share it to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram using #MitsubishiSUV to show us how your Mitsubishi SUV is built for the time of your life.

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Mitsubishi SUV - Built for the time of your life

The Mitsubishi SUV and 4x4 range is designed to help you explore, push boundaries and truly enjoy life. Whether you need a city-sized small SUV, 5 or 7 seat versatility, advanced 4WD technology or a tough, dependable ute, there’s a Mitsubishi to suit your lifestyle. 

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