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Preparing your car for a first date

Preparing your car for a first date

October 5, 2017

So you’ve successfully locked in that exciting first date and have offered to be the designated driver. You get a haircut, pick a perfect outfit and make a booking at your favourite restaurant. But what about your car? What state is it currently in? Could it be a potential show-stopper?

Here are a few tips for making sure your car creates a good first impression, just like you:    

Preparing your car for a first date

1) Give it a good clean
It goes without saying that the first step in beautifying your car is to clean it as thoroughly as possible. No-one likes to think they’re dating someone messy.

A few cleaning tips:

- Clean plastic, vinyl, leather, fabric and flocked parts with a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm water and a small amount of neutral detergent.

- Don't use cleaners, conditioners or protectants that contain silicone or wax. These products may cause reflections that could make it hard to see when you’re driving.

- Remove any carpet stains with domestic carpet cleaner, or lightly dab them with a clean, colourfast cloth and stain remover.

- After washing, also carefully clean the joints and flanges of the doors and engine hood where dirt sometimes hides from view.

- Clean window glass with a sponge and water. Glass cleaner can be used to remove oil or grease. After washing the glass, wipe it dry with a clean, dry cloth. 

2) Remove any leftovers from past relationships
There’s nothing more likely to put a potential partner off than evidence of your last boyfriend/girlfriend still in your car! Scour your car for any remnants – sports equipment, magazines, clothing, surf wax, or even CDs/DVDs.

3) Be prepared to be spontaneous
You never know where a first date will take you – so it pays to be prepared. Having a few essentials in the boot like a picnic rug, sunscreen, spare sunglasses and even a beach towel can help you make a good impression if your date takes a fun turn. And always make sure there is a full tank of fuel, nothing kills the vibe more than having to stop off at a servo and fill up while your date is left waiting awkwardly in the car.

4) Get ready to freshen up
Of course, it never hurts to have a few essential items in the glovebox that will help you feel as date-ready as possible – these may include breath mints, some powder or concealer, lip-gloss or balm and a hairbrush.  

5) Choose your soundtrack 
When you collect your date, you don’t want to be worrying about selecting the perfect music at the last minute. Put together a playlist on your iPhone, or tune into your favourite radio station in advance. If you’re lucky enough to be driving a Mitsubishi ASX you can simply hook up your phone to the SDA system where you can access your Spotify playlist to impress your date with your musical taste!

6) Plan your path
When your date hops into your car, you want to give them all of your attention, and certainly don’t want to be spending any unnecessary time working out the route to your destination, or worse still… getting lost! Look up your destination in advance and enter the route into your car’s navigation so you’re nicely prepared and ready to go.

7) Get ready to impress
Of course your dazzling personality and quick wit is sure to impress your date but let your car's smarts help you capture your date's attention. If it's a bit chilly, turn on your date’s heated seat. Or open up your sunroof and let the daylight or city lights shine into the cabin. Not only will your date be impressed by your flash car but you'll shine just a little bit brighter too!

Preparing your car for a first date

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