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Megan Jones
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Road to Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event with Megan Jones

Road to Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event with Megan Jones

August 4, 2017

Who are you? I'm Megan Jones. I'm a full time rider and coach based in Woodside in the Adelaide Hills.

What’s your sport?  Three Day Eventing 

What are your biggest achievements? Well, there are a few. Winning a team bronze medal at my first World Championships in Germany in 2006 was pretty cool. Then to go on and win team silver and individual 4th at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 was amazing.
To do this on Kirby Park Irish Jester, a horse that we bred at our family stud and I had trained from scratch, was even more special. He was born during my year 12 final exams. He was my best mate and together we chased my Olympic dream. We just recently said our good bye to Jester. He was nearly 24 years old. RIP my little unicorn. x

OK sorry to make you all cry (well I made myself cry at least writing that!) 

I’m also a multi winner of the Anna Savage award (national best and fairest award). Anna was a local Adelaide Hills rider and a mentor to me when I was a junior and young rider, so these medals are very special to me. 

Road to Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event with Megan Jones

Tell us about your horses who will be competing at the Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event (MMAI3DE)? Well, my team has downsized a bit from years gone by…. I'm trying not to ride 8 at one competition these days!! So I have Kirby Park Impress AKA Candy (pictured left) she will be doing the CCI4* this year. This will be her first attempt at 4 star, she’s a 9 yo home bred Thoroughbred x Stock horse. Then I have Kirby Park Invader AKA Freckles (pictured right) he is Candy's half brother also a 9 yo Thoroughbred x Stock Horse. Freckles will be doing the CIC3* at Adelaide this year. Freckles is also the poster boy on the MMAI3DE poster this year!

The other “team” members are a bit young to be doing Adelaide, they are just in the baby classes for the next couple of years…. but keep an eye out for a slightly naughty grey called ‘Wheels of steel’ AKA Darcy…. all the talent in the world with a big sprinkling of naughty pony in him!! He is only 4 and a half years old so fingers crossed he grows out of it!

What’s your fondest memory of competing at the MMAI3DE?
Oh I have two is that ok? My first ever time walking the 4 star cross country course. I was so excited to be doing this and couldn't wait to ride it. Then winning Adelaide 4* on my little Kirby Park Irish Jester in 2005.

Why is MMAI3DE such an important event? It's special in a few ways, firstly and most importantly it means we can be selected from Australia into Olympic and World Championship teams. We don't have to go overseas to gain that 4 star experience which is so important for the sport as we need to keep the good riders at home to inspire the next generation. It keeps everyone hungry for success. It also is the only 4 star competition in the middle of a major city which brings our sport to the people, which is very important. 

What do you look for in a tow car? I look for a balanced drive with a good suspension set up to distribute the weight. Well positioned reversing cameras, because I don't know about you, but I'm pretty terrible at getting the car on the float without hitting the rear bumper.

Road to Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event with Megan Jones

What do you think of your new Pajero Sport?  I love that it's a 7 seater without looking like I'm driving a giant wombat on wheels. And when the 2 seats in the very back of the car are folded away I can fit lots and lots of horse feed in there. It's also big enough to be the perfect place to set up a mobile tack room for competitions. 

The auto gear box is great but with the added paddle shifters I can use the gears easily and for towing this helps to give the horses a better ride. 

The CarPlay audio system is super as it reads my text messages to me when I'm behind the wheel dashing around the Hills between lessons. It really has so many little extras to make driving as easy as possible. Plus it looks pretty slick and this is very important!! 

Oooh and it has heated seats, high and low settings…. nothing like keeping your toosh warm! 

Road to Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event with Megan Jones

Be sure to check back as Megan updates us in her lead-up to the MMAI3DE and shows us how her Pajero Sport helps her prepare for the big event! 

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