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Spending A Family-Friendly Weekend With Barry Du Bois

Spending A Family-Friendly Weekend With Barry Du Bois

December 13, 2019

See the original article as published by 10 Daily here.

We’re an adventurous family,” the 59-year-old tells 10 daily. “There’s no doubt about that! We do everything from going to the beach to mountain biking.

But I’m also a keen renovator and DIYer, so I spend a lot of weekends at Bunnings as well.”

So what does a typical weekend look like for Baz?

We tagged along for a bit of downtime, Du Bois-style…

Spending A Family-Friendly Weekend With Barry Du Bois

Saturday-morning sport is a rite of passage for many Australian children – just as chauffeuring them all over the place to training sessions, games and trophy presentations is a part of most Aussie parents’ playbooks!

My children are only young so we also do the weekend sport, as a lot of families do,” Barry reveals how they kick off their regular weekend schedule. “Netball and basketball, those sorts of things –pile the kids in the front, their gear in the back and off we go.”

Spending A Family-Friendly Weekend With Barry Du Bois
Spending A Family-Friendly Weekend With Barry Du Bois

Barry and the family love making the most of the outdoors — and for the TV personality, convenience is key.

We visit our local parks a lot, particularly Centennial Park,” says Barry. “We’ll pile the esky, a few fold-out chairs and load the push bikes into the back of the Triton and head down to the park for an afternoon.”

As the father of two young kids, safety is obviously a top priority for Baz, which is part of the reason the family-of-four hit the park when they want to go for a ride.

Particularly with little kids, you want to be on safe pushbike riding tracks, and Centennial Park is ideal for that,” shares Barry of their favourite family weekend spot.

But even when there’s a park nearby, it can be difficult to get push bikes in the backs of station wagons and sedans, which is why I love having a Triton — it keeps me a bit mobile. If the kids say, ‘Can we go to the park, Dad?’, it’s no drama. We chuck the stuff in the back and we’re on our way.”

Spending A Family-Friendly Weekend With Barry Du Bois

While the foursome doesn’t go out of town too often, this is set to change very soon, revels Barry — who names the Southern Highlands as one of the fam’s favourite spots to get away for a weekend.

We drive down the Southern Highlands occasionally,” he tells. “Not that often because of the kids and school, but we do intend to do a bit of camping now they’re getting older. I think this summer, there’s a good chance we’ll get the swags, throw them in the back of the Triton, and head down to the highlands or up to the Blue Mountains for sure.”

Spending A Family-Friendly Weekend With Barry Du Bois

Of course, a weekend isn’t complete without a little DIY or reno project thrown in… “Only the other day, I headed to Bunnings and got a couple of hundred pavers, some paving sand and cement in the back of the Triton — everything I needed for an afternoon project one go.”

I love that I can head out with the whole family for dinner on Friday night, then come Saturday morning, I can jump back into the Triton, head to Bunnings and throw 200 bricks and six bags of cement in the back. It’s really handy!”

Photographer: Christian Hagward

Find out more about how the Triton can become part of your family here.

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