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The stylish way to get around a stylish city

May 4, 2017

The stylish way to get around a stylish city

I’m no stranger to Mitsubishi’s ASX so I can’t wait to get behind the new, updated model.  

The car has made an excellent first impression, attractive styling inside and out with its sleek, sporty looking features. This SUV is just what I need for the busy day ahead of me.

I’m in Melbourne, the brunch capital and home of excellent coffee, so there’s no better way to start your weekend than with brunch and two of your best friends.

I have the cool car so I’ll be doing the driving. First up, picking the girls up and they are already arguing over who gets the front seat. It’s a chilly morning and those seat warmers are very cozy. They’ve agreed to take the front in turns purely for the seat warmers. The girls aren’t short on bags either so my backseat is starting to resemble a change room with handbags and jackets hanging from the door hooks. We’re on the road and already stuck behind a tram, the car’s Multi Communication System tells me the road speed limit is 40km/h so this may take a while to get to our brunch…. That’s Melbourne!

Brunch, socialising and brilliant chatter are done and we’re back on the road and the next stop is the city for some shopping. The city is bustling, loads of pedestrians, endless traffic and tight parking spots. The car makes the traffic conditions more bearable, we have some good tunes going and the 3D mapping showing us some great points of interest. Living in a city you tend to forget some of the amazing locations around. I find a park on Collins Street and with the help of the reversing camera and sensors, parking is a breeze. I don’t think I could ever own a car that doesn’t have these features!

I have a few shops I need to pop into today so I will be moving around a few times. We’re in line to get into the Gucci store, the store is at max and ten minutes later we’re in. I’ve picked up my new handbag and of course that bag comes inside another bag which comes inside a paper bag that could fit four other bags inside, terrific! There goes my precious boot storage!

We’re back at the car to only realise I have more room in the boot and can comfortably continue shopping. Phew! Next stop it’s the Nike store in Melbourne Central so we’re all back in the car and moving on to a new car space. These tight spots and dimly lit carparks can be tricky to manoeuvre but the turning circle on this car is impressive and the automatic lights come on so there’s no need to be driving around in the dark or fumbling for the lights. A friend I’m meeting later calls and through the steering wheel, I can accept her call, this car is just so practical it has all the modern day luxuries.

What was meant to be a brief shopping experience, turned into an entire afternoon and we’re shopped out. Three girls and the ASX boot has been given a run for its money, the amount of space this car has is surprising considering its compact SUV size, we still surprisingly, have room in the boot.

Our next stop is to meet a friend’s boyfriend and his friends for a quick bite before leaving the city. We’re meeting boys? I’m not dressed for this! But I did just buy a dress so the backseat quickly becomes a change room and I touch up my makeup in the front seat using my well lit sunvisor mirror. Ok I think I’ve moved into this car! All I need now is a shoe shelf in the boot and I’m set to be living in this! Haha.

The updated ASX feels like it has more room, it looks sportier and has exceeded my expectations on practicality and comfort. It’s capable of doing your everyday fundamentals with the attributes to take it on a much bigger adventure.

The stylish way to get around a stylish city

Disclaimer: Content is correct at date of publishing. Vehicle related content in this article refers to 17MY Mitsubishi ASX.

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Built for the city

The fun and funky new Mitsubishi ASX. Zippy performance: check. All the latest safety and infotainment: check. Head turning dynamic style: check.

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