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Our way of saying Thankyou

Our way of saying Thankyou

December 15, 2017

Social enterprise Thankyou was founded in 2008 in response to the World Water Crisis. Co-founder and Managing Director, Daniel Flynn, was just 19 years old when he discovered that over 900 million people around the world didn't have access to safe drinking water but the Australian bottled water industry was worth an estimated $600 million a year. Pretty crazy given Aussies can access safe water straight from the tap. Inspired to do something, Daniel pulled together a group of friends including his best mate, Jarryd Burns, and then girlfriend (now wife) Justine Flynn, and together they came up with the idea to launch a bottled water product that would fund safe water projects around the globe.

Balancing part-time work, full-time studies and a bold new vision to change lives, the team threw themselves into researching the bottled water industry and launching their very first product, Thankyou water.

We had zero business experience when we first started Thankyou. We literally had to Google, how to start a bottled water company,” said Daniel. “We’d borrow our parents' cars to drive to important meetings and made sure we took down the P plates before we got to the carpark, so we didn’t look too young.”

Nine years later, they’ve grown the social enterprise to over 50 water, body care and baby products and commit 100% of the profit to fund sustainable development work around the world. To date, Thankyou has given over $5.5 million to fund life-changing projects for 755,338 people in need.

We've been so inspired by the Thankyou team's journey, dedication and passion so we have given them the keys to the all-new Eclipse Cross.

We’re so excited to be teaming up with Mitsubishi. We run a really lean business at Thankyou so we can maximise the profits we give to our projects, so partnerships have really helped us get to us to where we are today. A lot of our wins are because everyday people and organisations have believed in us and backed us,” said Jarryd.

Our way of saying Thankyou

The Eclipse Cross is the perfect vehicle to help the whole Thankyou team. A stylish and comfortable interior provides plenty of space for product and the turbo petrol engine is zippy around the streets of Collingwood, where Thankyou headquarters are based, but still have plenty of power for those long freeway drives.

Our team is always on the move, heading out to speaking engagements, events and schools where we share the Thankyou story, so it's going to be amazing to be getting around town in our very own car,” said Justine.

We're excited to support the Thankyou team as they continue their mission to empower humanity to choose a world without poverty. To learn more about Thankyou more head here

Get behind the wheel

The all new Eclipse Cross has arrived

Here now for wherever next. 

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