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Towing Test with Mitsubishi Motors

Towing Test with Mitsubishi Motors

June 24, 2016

Towing live cargo is different to any other type of towing. Sure, you want a powerful car that can tow your float, saddlery and horses but it also needs to be a smooth ride and of course, safe. Mitsubishi Motors know cars and towing but horses are a different story so we’ve enlisted the help of experienced horse tower and horseman Pauly Daniel from Daniel-Tessari Horse Reflections to test out our most popular tow cars with his horses.  We gave him the keys to a 16MY Pajero, 16MY Triton and 16MY Pajero Sport to take for a spin and tell us which vehicle he’d like in his stable.

We fitted the three vehicles with the Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories which are best suited for towing. These include Tow Bar, Tow Ball, Electric Brake Harness as well as Redarc Electric Brake Controller.  Trailer brakes are required in all vehicles if towing more than 750kg which you would be if towing a float and horse and electric trailer brakes offer increased control. By using Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories you can be sure that you will get quality accessories that are both durable and reliable. The added benefit is that these accessories all work together as a plug and play for easy installation. For more information about the accessories available on all vehicles head to their Accessories showrooms for Pajero, Triton and Pajero Sport.

First up for the towing test is the mighty Pajero. The Pajero has a maximum braked towing capacity of 3,000 kg. We hooked up our Olympic “Royal” Float weighing 1,050kg and put both horses in the back who together weighed 1,100kg. Don’t forget to calculate your passengers’ weight when adding up your vehicle payload. In this case we have our Mitsubishi expert John Taylor and Pauly in the Pajero, adding an extra 160kg to the payload. “This feels solid”, Pauly exclaimed pulling out the driveway. “It feels really strong and powerful on the road and like it still has plenty of power even when going up hills.” Towing 2,310kg of float, horses and people, the Pajero proved why it’s such a popular tow vehicle and towed the load easily. A good way to start off our test.

Next we loaded up the Triton. “Here we go”, Pauly said excitedly. “Now this is my kind of car! I need to tow horses but when I head away I need to take a lot of gear with me, gear that I wouldn’t necessarily want to put in the back of a Pajero but a ute is perfect.” Triton has a great payload so we decided to load up the tray with hay bales which added 40kg and a solid 50kg of saddlery and gear. So the Triton pulled away with a respectable 2400kg and we could have added in even more! Read more about Triton’s superior payload here. Pauly enjoyed playing with the sports mode on the Triton GLS which means you can turn your tow car from an automatic transmission to a manual just by shifting the transmission over. This gives the driver full control of the gears  which is perfect for towing allowing the gears to hold the speed rather than riding the brakes and making for a rough ride for the cargo in the float.

The last car in our tow test is also the newest release in the range, the Pajero Sport. We hooked up the float using the multi around monitor which made it easy giving a bird’s eye view from the whole way around the car. With this one we loaded up 2360kg, although Rascal, the dog, was pretty keen to come for a ride, too! The 8 speed automatic transmission in the Pajero Sport made this journey super smooth. Combine that with the luxury of the heated leather seats, modern interior and Smartphone Display Audio in the cabin. Pauly’s thoughts? “I could get used to this, I think!” The turning circle really impressed as well as the quietness inside the cabin but Pauly said “the smooth gear changes were the standout. It just meant the car was never searching for a gear; it just found them and cruised along. The paddle shifters were also really good to test out and made towing downhill really safe.”

So which one would Pauly want in his paddock? “Can I take them all?” he joked. “Probably the Triton is the most practical for me with the work that I do. It’s a real workhorse and that’s what I need. But my partner Lauren had her eye on the Pajero Sport so if it was up to her that’s the one we’d be taking the keys to!”

Towing Test with Mitsubishi Motors

For more information on towing with your Mitsubishi read our Towing Know How Guide.

Special thanks to Pauly Daniel and Lauren Tessari from Daniel Tessari Horse Reflections, Olympic Trailers and Australian Motors Mitsubishi.

Disclaimer: Content is correct at date of publishing. Vehicle related content in this article refers to 16MY Mitsubishi Pajero, 16MY Mitsubishi Triton, and 16MY MItsubishi Pajero Sport. 

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