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Turning Heads with ‘She’s The Contessa’

September 3, 2016

Fashion Blogger The Contessa always turns heads wherever she goes. From shopping trips to attending all the latest events, she leads a busy life and needs a super stylish set of wheels that turns as many heads as she does. We knew the street-smart Mitsubishi ASX would be the perfect car to match her busy life and so we gave her the keys to help her get around town.

Shopping trips in ASX. Always room for more shopping…”

The Contessa had a busy schedule of shows to attend during Melbourne Fashion Week. But finding a park on the busy streets is a breeze even in the tightest spaces.

Click into reverse and the camera guides me into the tough spot with sensors alerting when close to the car that encroached my space. As quick as that, I’m parked, locked and mirrors are folded in.”

My Mitsi ready and waiting for me.”

The Portsea Polo is a must for any blogger’s calendar. She’s The Contessa took the ASX down to check it out.

What a day! Thanks for getting me home, ASX! I had a great day at Portsea Polo”

Turning Heads with ‘She’s The Contessa’

Summer BBQ’s and gelato runs are always a good idea!

Exclusive launch parties are the norm for a successful fashion blogger. She’s The Contessa attends many and the smart key makes the perfect accessory for her flatlay.

Turning Heads with ‘She’s The Contessa’

Flowers, champagne and jewels. What more could anyone want?”

So what did She’s The Contessa think of her time in the ASX?

Mitsubishi, good luck getting this car back from me! Driving the ASX has evoked a desire for the car, the features, the style and the fuel efficiency. This car has the small car feel packed into an SUV perfect for city driving. Mitsubishi is renowned for reliability and quality giving you a whole lot of car for your money and the ASX definitely exceeds expectations.”

You can read more about She’s The Contessa’s time with the ASX here.

Get behind the wheel

Built for the city

The fun and funky new Mitsubishi ASX. Zippy performance: check. All the latest safety and infotainment: check. Head turning dynamic style: check.

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