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A very special delivery

A very special delivery

March 17, 2017

While this may look like an ordinary MN Triton, to Sean Dalton and his family, it’s so much more than that!

Sean and his wife Rebecca purchased their brand new GLX-R back in 2012. It was actually their 2nd wedding anniversary present, that’s better than a bunch of flowers! They’ve taken their fourbie off road from camping to beach driving and everything in between.

A very special delivery

Fast forward to 2014 when Sean was driving wife Rebecca to hospital as she was in labour.  

I was going about 80 (km/h), hit a speedbump and I think that’s what made her come out” he says while playing with 3 year old Keeva on his lap! Keeva was delivered in the passenger seat of their beloved Triton.

A very special delivery

In February this year, Rebecca gave birth to their second daughter. Stella also decided to make an arrival in the Triton, although this time on the back seat!

Is Sean the best driver around? “We make a good team!”  Rebecca laughs “Sean drives well and I deliver well I guess!”

Luckily the Triton was professionally cleaned and has scrubbed up well but just in case they decide to have a third child we sent Sean and Rebecca a set of backseat seat covers. We hope this special car stays in the family for many more adventures!

A very special delivery

You can watch the full story here.