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Weekend Escape with Jetsetting Kids

May 19, 2016

Weekend Escape with Jetsetting Kids

Travel is second nature for the “Jetsetting Kids” family, so what do they do when they have a long weekend and the keys to an all-new Pajero Sport? Load up the car and set out on a family road trip.

The Brisbane locals head to Mt Tamborine for weekend escape filled with picnics, walking trails and a Big Pineapple!

With four doors, five seats and a huge over-sized boot, THIS is the perfect car for the travelling family.
Got lots of luggage? No worries!
Travelling on or off road? No sweat – it’s a 4 wheel drive too!
This car is geared for the active family.”

Heading ‘round the mountain in the Pajero Sport, JetSetting Kids show us why road trips are a great way to set your own pace and teach your kids about adventure. Read the full blog here.

Disclaimer: Content is correct at date of publishing. Vehicle related content in this article refers to 16MY Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

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