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Why Aussie Road trips are the best way to holiday

Why Aussie Road trips are the best way to holiday

November 28, 2016

We love a family road trip. Getting up at the crack of dawn, piling your team into the car with everything but the kitchen sink and setting off on your family adventure. Now that summer holidays are fast approaching we’re planning our next holiday. But why is the humble Aussie road trip so good? Why is it that out of all our family holidays growing up those trips trekking across the Hay Plains are the ones the make us smile? Because road trips are the best way to holiday. Here’s why.

The best of humanity. Sure it’s a big call but road trips really bring out the best in the community. Whether stopping into a driver reviver rest stop to have a biccy, a cuppa and a chat or doing the old 2 finger salute to fellow Mitsubishi drivers as you pass them on your way, road trips are where community spirit shines.

The sights. Stopping along your travels to get a snap with one of Australia’s “Big things” is a thrill you just don’t get on any other type of holiday. From the giant koala to the big pineapple, to Larry the lobster, how else will you ever know that these things exist except on your friends Instagram stories?

The food. There’s something about waiting 100km’s until you can tuck into a hamburger that makes you realise that road trips are made for eating. The roadhouse cafes and their greasy egg and bacon rolls or spending 10 minutes choosing your treat at the local bakery, being tempted by their claims of having the best vanilla slice in Victoria, the food is what you spend hours dreaming about as you gaze out the window planning your next meal.

The games. From eye spy to punch buggy road trip games provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. They also force us to use our brains on holiday. How many runs do you get for a blue car in car cricket again?

The discussions. Sure it’s not all beer and skittles on the road, there are fights about whose turn it is to pick the song or whose arm is taking up more of the armrest but some of the discussions had on road trips are what brings families closer. Learning different views and standpoints are important, especially knowing how your Dad/Husband feels about the music of Taylor Swift.

The love. But on the flip side of this spending time with your nearest and dearest inside your car is possibly the closest many of us get to our families for such an extended period of time. The bonding opportunity that this gives us brings us all closer together.

Why Aussie Road trips are the best way to holiday

The hidden gems. Finding those hidden gems around country Australia is what makes us appreciate what an amazing place this country is. It also means you can support local rarely seen businesses so instead of showcasing yet another smashed avo from the trendiest brunch spot on your social media feed you can spruik the country pub where you had the best schnitty ever and encourage your friends to try it out too!

The playlist. Being subjected to your parents’ or kids choice of radio/music is all part of the experience of growing up. Listening to Macca in the morning or Kenny G may feel like it’s hurting you but truth be told it’s the soundtrack to some of your best memories.

The family members you can take. How many holidays can you go on where the family pooch can easily come along to? Sure they might smell a bit and release a few noxious gasses along the way but being able to stop on your travels and run around with your furriest friend rather than leaving them in a kennel is a major plus for many dog lovers!

The memories. Road trips are where memories are made. Stopping at the border between 2 states and putting 1 leg in 1 state and 1 in the other. Taking snaps in front of funny town names. These memories are the ones that will make you smile and the things you’ll talk about for years to come.

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