Savings are electrifying

SOURCE: Geelong Advertiser
29th Mar, 2014

Three driving modes and great fuel economy await Mitsubishi hybrid buyers.

PHEV lets you plug and play

SOURCE: Satellite Brisbane
26th Mar, 2014

It's a game-changer, some motoring journalists cry about every second new car that hits the road. This well-worn cliché is usually used with no consideration as to what game the machine in question is actually changing.

Car Advice Outlander PHEV Review

25th Mar, 2014

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV may look just like a regular Outlander, but behind the anonymous façade is the most technologically progressive SUV on the market.

AnyAuto Outlander PHEV first drive review

21st Mar, 2014

Mitsubishi may have found the holy grail of AWD SUV power plants with its all new PHEV Outlander. The MY14.5 update of the Outlander includes two models with the PHEV engine. PHEV stands for Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Yes that’s right it’s a normal petrol engine that is a hybrid as well as an all electric vehicle that plugs in at night. Outlander PHEV Aspire Review

21st Mar, 2014

Can Mitsubishi's first plug-in model change the mindset of buyers resistant to expensive alt-energy cars? Outlander PHEV Review

21st Mar, 2014

For the right customers the Outlander PHEV is without doubt a well conceived package.

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