Guilt free fun! - A review of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

17th Feb, 2015

By Mike Perso - Smooth 91.5 FM

I was trying to think of a clever line to sum up my experience of driving the Outlander PHEV Aspire and the best I could come up with was a riff on the title of one of my favourite boyhood movies; ‘run silent, run cheap’. 

The silent part inspired by the incredible quiet of the Outlander PHEV in electric mode. Something my neighbours in my inner western Melbourne suburb of Seddon really appreciated as I leave for work just after 4am most days. The cheap part I guess is pretty self-explanatory because this thing runs on just the slightest whiff of an oily rag ... the fuel economy is truly staggering! I went through just over one tank in the 7 days I had the PHEV and given that the tank is only 45 litres that's very good going for a car of its size.

Being environmentally friendly and financially responsible doesn’t mean driving the Outlander PHEV isn’t fun. I found it had a surprising amount of ‘poke’ for a car of its size. 

There’s heaps of room for my kids enormous sports bags and, being a family of six-foot and upwards we all really appreciated the spacious cab. 

My inner techno buff was impressed too particularly with the adaptive cruise control that keeps the Outlander PHEV at a safe distance between it and other cars on the freeway. I guess the other way I could describe my experience of the Outlander PHEV is guilt free fun!

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