We know you’re washing your hands like a champ right now but what about keeping your car clean?

There are parts of your car you may not have thought about so here are four top tips to help keep your Mitsubishi clean and safe.

1. Use disinfectant wipes to clean high-contact surfaces in your car every time it’s used. That includes door handles, steering wheels, gear shift knobs, shift paddles, indicator and wiper stalks and entertainment or navigation systems. Also, key fobs, seats, interior grab handles, doors, armrests, additional display screens, cup holders and air conditioning vents should be wiped down after you’re in the car.

2. Limit vehicle passengers as much as possible to maximise social distance – note that doesn’t include your fam!

3. Beware of damaging vinyl, plastic, paint or other surface coatings with chemicals like bleach, hydrogen peroxide or high-concentration alcohol sanitiser. OK, they disinfect surfaces, but they can also discolour them or remove surface coatings.

4. Take particular care when refuelling and ensure that hands are washed or sanitised after handling fuel pumps and touching cash or EFT terminals and any other public surfaces during the transaction.

We fully support the government’s efforts to protect our communities and save lives. As we all fight the spread of Coronavirus, we appreciate and thank healthcare and emergency services workers who are working hard to keep us all safe.

From all of us at Mitsubishi Motors, please take care.