An advanced web-based platform that uses GPS to provide near real-time visibility and insight over your vehicle assets and workforce. Improvements in productivity, safety and security are just a screen-swipe away!

Gain better visibility of your fleet

Locate your vehicles
in an instant

With our user-friendly map functionality, you can view the location of all your vehicles and their current status on a single interface.

Detailed metrics and

Make informed decisions around your fleet and resources by utilising in-depth KPI analysis.

Identify inefficiencies
in your operations

Historical trip data gives you the opportunity to evaluate your fleet utilisation, reducing your costs by improving daily route efficiency and maximising daily output.

Access from anywhere

No matter where you are, you can access your requirements from our web interface on your mobile device.

Automate your
FBT reporting

By providing a simple and convenient way to automate time-consuming business vs private usage vehicle logbooks, calculate your maximum Fringe Benefits Tax return.

Reduce your total cost of ownership

Proactively manage

Create a maintenance calendar based on time or usage requirements that notifies drivers or fleet managers of scheduled and non-scheduled service.


Detect engine
issues fast

ECM integrations enable alerts to be triggered when a fault code is detected, so you can quickly address the issue before damage becomes more severe.

Prevent unnecessary
vehicle wear and tear

Generate detailed reports to see how your vehicles are being driven reviewing events such as harsh cornering, braking and speeding.


Reduce fuel

Identify driver behaviour that increases fuel consumption and business costs e.g. idling and aggressive acceleration.


End-to-end vehicle
inspection reporting

Log vehicle defects whilst on the move directly to the portal. Mechanics can review and clear the logs when repairs completed.


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