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Choose Mitsubishi Genuine Parts

Servicing with a Mitsubishi Dealership puts your vehicle in the best possible hands and gives you peace of mind with the knowledge Mitsubishi Genuine Parts are fitted to your vehicle.
Genuine Parts are specifically designed, tested, approved and manufactured to meet the highest standards, ensuring the continued reliability, performance and longevity of your Mitsubishi.  
Always insist on Genuine Mitsubishi Parts for your Mitsubishi vehicle.

True blue parts and warranty

Mitsubishi Genuine Parts are designed specifically for your vehicle and Australian conditions. They’re stringently tested before approval to meet the highest standards, ensuring that the safety, performance and reliability of your Mitsubishi are never compromised.

Mitsubishi Genuine Parts are covered by a full 12-month or 20,000 kmK26  warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Aftermarket part manufacturers don’t have access to the information and expertise that go into every Mitsubishi Genuine Part. Instead of being custom-built for your vehicle, many aftermarket parts are generic across multiple makes and models. Any damage or problems caused by inferior non-genuine parts may not be covered by your warranty. 

Beware of counterfeit parts!

Counterfeit parts are imitation or replica automotive components that are made to look like genuine parts but are not produced or authorised by the original equipment manufacturer. These parts are intended to deceive buyers into believing they are buying authentic products which are often manufactured using substandard materials and processes.

Common counterfeit parts include brake pads, airbags, filters, spark plugs, suspension parts and more. They often have shorter lifespans, can pose significant safety risks and lead to various performance or reliability issues. Should counterfeit parts cause damage to the vehicle a repair may not be claimable under warranty.

Maintain resale value

When you use Mitsubishi Genuine parts for repairs and replacements, it assures future buyers your vehicle has been cared for properly and maintained with high-quality components designed specifically for that make and model. This can positively impact resale value.

Mitsubishi Genuine servicing, proper care, and documentation of service records are also important in maximizing your vehicle's resale value.

Stay in charge with Genuine Batteries

A genuine Mitsubishi battery ensures the correct voltage and power is provided for your vehicle during start-up. Timing for replacement of a vehicle’s battery depends on age, usage and climate fluctuations. No one likes being caught with a flat battery, so battery health checks are available at all Mitsubishi Dealerships. These provide you with detailed information regarding the current condition of your battery and advise you when you need to replace your battery. Choosing the right replacement battery is essential to ensure specifications match your vehicle's requirements.

Genuine Oils, Lubricants and Coolants

Mitsubishi Motors together with our oil partner, TotalEnergies, has created a full range of high grade Mitsubishi Genuine Oils, Driveline fluids and Lubricants specifically for Mitsubishi vehicles. These carry the latest Mitsubishi specifications and approvals. 

Mitsubishi Genuine Oil’s formulation and additives are precisely tailored to optimise your engine's performance and deliver excellent lubrication, extending engine life even in demanding Australian conditions.

While the technical aspects that enable oil to dissipate heat, clean the engine, and improve fuel efficiency can often be overlooked, Mitsubishi Genuine Oil has been specially formulated to perform these crucial functions.

Roll with the right tyres

Tyres have a significant impact on safety, fuel efficiency and a vehicle's overall performance. 

When your vehicle requires new tyres, Mitsubishi Dealership will ensure the correct tyres are fitted to your vehicle specifications, to optimise traction, handling, braking distances and ride comfort. Tyres also help minimize road noise and vibrations, enhancing your overall driving experience. Your load capacity and road surface usage will also influence the choice of tyres for your vehicle.

Although you’re legally required to replace tyres when the tread depth wears below 1.6mm, we recommend a minimum tread depth of at least 3mm. If you’re ever unsure whether it’s time to change, contact your Mitsubishi Dealership for a tyre check.

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