Every day millions of Australian drivers rely on the skills and expertise of auto technicians to keep their vehicles safe and reliable on the road. Dylan is Service Manager and Master Mitsubishi Technician at Portside Mitsubishi. We get under the hoist with him and discover a lot goes into looking after your ride.

What drove you towards a Service Manager career at Mitsubishi?

Fortunately for me, a position as Workshop Controller and Foreman became available shortly after completing my apprenticeship. I used this experience to increase my skills and knowledge of the office and customer relations side of the service department. This in my opinion was the best stepping stone to make the transition to Service Manager.

What does a workshop controller and foreman do?

A workshop controller schedules and delegates the daily workload of the team while ensuring jobs are completed in a timely manner.

A workshop foreman advises technicians and helps resolve mechanical issues.

Over the years, what are the biggest changes you’ve seen car servicing?

The major changes are the necessity of customised tooling, such as diagnostic computers, and specialised training required to carry out the routine maintenance.

Is this because modern vehicles are more complex and technologically advanced?

Yes. With the electronically controlled engine management systems in current motor vehicles there are many items that need to be scanned, tested and reset at every service interval. Cars have so many more parts and components than they used to.

What’s the most damaging thing a delayed service can do to your car?

There’s a high probability of oil sludge build up. If oil is not replaced when due, it can create blockages in oil galleries and cause major internal engine failure.

What are the impacts of not servicing your car regularly?

Failing to service your vehicle on a regular basis puts additional stress on the engine and causes premature wear. Many safety checks are performed during regular servicing and trained technicians can spot issues before they become major problems.

How are you and other Mitsubishi technicians specially trained?

Mitsubishi Motors Australia offers an extensive range of training courses, from new model introductions right through to individual component diagnosis. As a Mitsubishi Master Technician myself, I know the educational value and skills they provide.

How do you become a Mitsubishi Master Technician?

You need to complete some extensive theory and practical courses in diagnosis and repair. Like any professional study, these can take several years to complete.

What are the warning signs a service is overdue?

You may start to notice an increase in fuel consumption. Or cabin air quality may decrease as filters become contaminated between services. Keep an eye on under-bonnet liquid levels, a low amount of windscreen washer fluid can serve as a reminder to check your service interval. And regularly check tyre for tyre wear.

Mitsubishi’s 10 year warranty with 10 years capped price servicing is an Australian first. Has it changed the industry?

I believe the Diamond Advantage has set a standard that will be expected as normal in the not so distant future. It provides the extra reassurance that Mitsubishi Motors are incredibly confident in the quality and build of their vehicles.

Finally, finish this sentence: Servicing your car regularly is like…

having insurance.