By Amelia Chapman

Life during two strict Victorian lockdowns was pretty tough, especially as an avid mountain bike enthusiast who loves getting out there. Just before a second COVID wave struck our state, we were lucky to take one of Mitsubishi’s toughest Tritons to hit the trails and put this all black beast to the test.
After weeks of being cooped up in our homes, nothing could beat pulling down the tailgate after an smooth drive through some of Australia’s greatest outdoors. The memories came flooding back as we breathed in that fresh forest air, listened to the trees sway in the breeze, and seeing our friends once again beaming with excited anticipation. It felt like years since we’d been here.
It had never been easier loading up the bikes and escaping ‘normal’ life; or in this case, post COVID life briefly. Personally, I’d never experienced driving a ute like this. It felt incredible having my bike hanging over the tailgate, rather than having to take its wheels off so it could fit in the back of a hatchback. In fact, the tailgate easily accommodated four bikes with plenty of room for gear and equipment. 


Victoria has miles of incredible mountain bike locations – and some of them are hard to get to. The Triton was a more than capable vehicle to take us to these destinations and able to handle any terrain we pointed it at. If the road started to get steep or slippery, I could engage 4WD with a single switch, without stopping. We encountered some slippery muddy tracks, yet where the average 4WD might get stuck, the Triton's rear diff lock allowed us to gain extra traction and push forward; again at the touch of a button. The ride quality off road was impressive - somehow, even when driving over huge rocks and potholes, the suspension did its job brilliantly and the ride comfort was amazing.

Our Triton treks took us to some spectacular mountain bike hotspots. Anglesea is home to 4x4 tracks with incredible views. We couldn't resist taking a drive to the top to check them out after our ride. In Ballarat, the Triton truly shined as we visited our mates’ hand built trails located off some tricky rocky terrain. Ballarat is also home to Black Hill Mountain Bike park which features some short, yet difficult downhill tracks. Fear not, there are also some mellow tracks for intermediate riders and beginners. Our final destinations were by far the most beautiful and lush. Warburton and Silvan are developing mountain bike hot spots. The Triton was right at home climbing up and down winding steep roads where tall trees towered over us.

The Triton is an incredible adventure machine to share with family and friends. Our journeys took place in the middle of a cold winter, so its heated seats were one of our favourite features. Even the tough as nails Triton has a cushy side…