Whether you’re going on the camping holiday of a lifetime or exploring a few hours down the road, road trip packing is vital to the success of your trip. With so much to consider, it’s easy to overlook something important until you’re already on the highway. We’ve compiled our essentials list for road trips to help you pack with confidence and make sure you’re ready for the ride ahead.



1. Car information

Take careful note of your car registration details, insurance information, and roadside assistance number. Hopefully you won’t need them, but it pays to be prepared. If you’ve purchased a new Mitsubishi, you can also take advantage of our complimentary Diamond Advantage Roadside Assist, which includes emergency assistance for mechanical and non-mechanical failure.


2. First aid kit

You can buy a complete first aid kit, or pack your own. Include essentials such as bandages, swabs, tweezers, antiseptic, and pain and fever medicines.


3. Spare tyre and jack

A flat tyre in the middle of a journey can mean an unhappy end to a road trip. If you’re planning to tow a boat, caravan, or trailer and need to make room, you can invest in a spare wheel kit (such as our Mitsubishi kit) to carry your extra tyre with ease.


4. Comfortable child seats

If you’re travelling with young children, you’ll need a capsule or booster seat that is safe and appropriate for their age. Make sure your choice meets Australia’s mandatory child car restraint standards. If you’re using an ISOFIX compatible car seat, you’ll need a car with an ISOFIX anchorage point – luckily every car in our current Mitsubishi range comes equipped.


5. Food and water

Packing enough food and water for your trip isn’t just a matter of keeping your stomach from growling. In the hot Australian climate water is a safety essential, so be sure to carry more than you need for the day.


6. Car phone charger

For most of us, our phone is our emergency contact point, music player, GPS, calendar and notebook - so it can be a serious problem if it runs out of charge. A simple car phone charger can prevent the problem.


7. Hands-free phone mount or Smartphone Link technology

If you’re planning to take calls during your trip, or you’re using your phone as your GPS, you will need a hands free phone mount. If you drive a Mitsubishi with Smartphone Link technology, you won’t need to fuss with the phone mount while driving - simply connect your phone and access compatible apps on your car’s display.


8. Garbage bags or car garbage can

Keep your car clean during the journey there and you’ll be a lot happier on the way back. You can use a loose garbage bag, or invest in a car garbage can for convenience.

9. Packing system or cargo divider

There’s always something more to pack! Extras such as cargo mats or cargo blinds can be installed into your car to help you make the most of the space you’ve got. Soft, squishy containers can also help you pack more into a small space. Spacious SUVs such as the Mitsubishi Outlander,  Eclipse Cross  or Pajero Sport can be a big advantage, but consider a cargo barrier for safety. 



10. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats

With high UV levels in Australia most of the year round, sun protection is a simple must as soon as you get out of the car - and even sometimes inside it. Be sure to apply sunscreen and pop on your sunglasses and hat for any walking you might do during the day.


11. Rain jackets or umbrellas

Even the sunniest day can bring an unexpected drizzle. Instead of being stuck in the car when the rain starts, pop on your raincoats or flip open your umbrella and continue to enjoy exploring.


12. Torch

If you are delayed on the road, you may find yourself still driving after night falls. While your car headlights are useful for lighting a short distance, you’ll need a torch to head off the road.


13. Toilet paper and tissues

Pit stops along the journey aren’t always well equipped - it's better to take matters into your own hands.


14. Wipes and hand sanitizer

These are essential for spills or any sticky situations, and are important for keeping your car hygienic through the trip ahead.


15. Multi-tool pocket knife

You never know when or how you’ll need a pocket knife until the moment arises. Whether you’re grappling with some difficult packaging or opening a wine bottle, it’s sure to come in handy.