Discover the top 10 4WD tracks near Melbourne, Victoria - inspiration for your next off-roading adventure.

You’ve found a weekend to duck out of Melbourne for a 4WD adventure, or maybe you’ve even secured a week off work. Now the big question remains: where to head for the best off-road tracks?

Let us take you on a tour of 10 of the top 4WD tracks Melbourne-dwellers can reach in less than a day. From bird-filled forests to glistening ocean views, you’re sure to find a track for your next 4x4 adventure.

A word of caution before the fun: wherever you choose to go, preparation and properly packing your car for 4WD adventuring are key. Factors such as the right weather conditions and bringing that spare tyre can mean the difference between a brilliant trip and a major headache. Always make sure to pack your road trip essentials, as well as 4WD equipment such as shovel and matrix. Check the weather and the route ahead of time, and look out for any track notices or warnings.

Best 4WD tracks near Melbourne for your next weekend 4x4 off-road adventure

1. Toolangi State Forest

This beautiful, temperate forest is just over an hour from Melbourne — but don’t let the serenity fool you, there’s plenty of difficult 4WD tracks waiting within. Easier 4WD tracks here include Lyndall’s Track and Martin’s Track, while those looking for a challenge can take on the infamous Rocky track. It’s a popular spot, so be prepared for other drivers, as well as plenty of mud if it’s been raining. Toolangi is also ideal for bushwalking, birdwatching, and swimming in the hotter months.

Find Toolangi State Forest.


2. Tallarock State Forest

Tallarock is a state forest full of shorter tracks with a range of different difficulty levels. Around 1hr and 15 minutes from Melbourne, it’s also a great location for mountain biking, camping, and fishing. Tallarock has had an interesting history with gold mining, sawmilling, and military training in the forest. There’s over 100kms of total track to explore, but check beforehand for track closures, especially during the wetter months.

Locate Tallarock State Forest.


3. Mt Disappointment

Named for the disappointment of early explorers Hume and Hovell, it has been anything but for a great many Melbourne 4WD off-roaders. Mt Disappointment is just under 1hr 15 minutes from Melbourne, and is a little south of Tallarock. The driving is easy to medium, less challenging than Tallarock, although the mud can cause trouble in the wet. There’s good views from the Summit Walk, and Anderson’s Garden Campsite is a great place to camp overnight before heading on to other 4x4 adventures.

Find Mt Disappointment


4. Wombat State Forest

Wombat is another state forest around an hour from Melbourne with a range of tracks of varying difficulty levels on offer. The best way to see the area in a 4x4 is via the Wombat Forest 4WD Touring Route, which starts in Gisborne and winds over 100km to Ballan. This track also has some great lookouts and river walks you can stop at and explore. Firth Park Campground is well equipped and free for anyone looking to stay overnight. Just like the other state forests near Melbourne, prepare for mud if the weather has been rainy, and be on the lookout for overgrown areas.

Start the track in Gisborne.


5. Lerderderg State Park

Just a stone’s throw from Wombat State Forest is Lerderderg State Park, a popular 4WD area just an hour from Melbourne. Like Wombat, Lederderg has varied and interesting terrain to explore. You can wind through to Blackwood via Ratcliffe’s Track to enjoy its mineral springs or take a river drip at O’Briens Crossing. Lerderderg is a little more beginner friendly than Wombat and features a range of tracks that are mostly for easy or intermediate driving levels, so keep that in mind when deciding where to spend your time.

Locate Lerderderg State Park.

6. Great Otway National Park

For those with time to venture a little further, Great Otway National Park is just over 3hrs drive from Melbourne, however it has an impressive 250km of track to offer. Otway is a great choice for a holiday and 4WD adventure in one, as it also offers waterfall walks, historic towns, and pristine coastline. You can’t drive on the sand here, but it is well worth a beach visit to take in the beauty. The best time to visit Otway National Park is summer or autumn, and most of the tracks there are closed from June to November.

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7. Bunyip State Forest Park

Another park just over an hour from Melbourne, Bunyip is famous for its impressive views, rocky terrain, and mountain paths. The park offers a mix of routes for different levels of experience and skill. For an easier track, the circuit from Black Snake Creek to Bunyip River Road is 15km, and rewards drivers with views of Westernport Bay. For a longer and more difficult route, Gentle Annie is 43km and puts up quite a challenge with the rocky terrain.

Locate Bunyip State Park.


8. Marysville

Just under 2hrs drive from Melbourne, Marysville is a playground of different 4WD tracks of varying difficulty levels and terrain types, with more than 100km of track. Lush forest and creek crossings dot the area, with plenty of rocky hills for those looking for a challenge. Keppel Lookout offers spectacular views and you might even catch some snow on the Mt Terrible track. You can finish your day in Marysville itself for a bite or even duck into Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden.

Find Marysville here.


9. Warburton

Warburton is a great option for newer 4WD adventurers looking for a novice challenge as part of a weekend getaway. Just over 1hr 15min from Melbourne, the area has a range of easier tracks to try. The Burns Track is a great choice for up to 10km of muddy beginner fun —  just be ready for your 4WD to come out the other side looking like it’s been on an adventure! There are also some harder tracks south of Wesburn and Millgrove. The area is also very close to the Yarra Valley, so you can enjoy some of Victoria’s best food and wine as a reward for all your driving.

Locate Warburton here.


10. Aberfeldy

207km from Melbourne, Aberfeldy is one of the furthest 4WD destinations on this list, but it’s also one of the most unique. The main 4x4 track in the area, the Aberfeldy track, is a historic touring route originally used by horse and cart in the 19th century. It winds through old mines, historic cemeteries, and impressive landscapes. The track is quite long at around 180km and does have some difficult parts, so you may wish to pick out a portion of the track if you’re short on time or want to stick to easier areas — the Jordan Valley Loop is a good option.

Start your journey in Aberfeldy.

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