We all know the 4x4 ute is an incredible everyday workhorse, with suspension that can handle the demands of heavy loads. However, tough and powerful 4WD utes like the Mitsubishi Triton are also perfect for your next off-road adventure. When you’re winding your way through mud and rock trails that will put your 4WD skills to the test, it pays to be prepared. We break down 7 essential 4x4 ute mods for off-roading so you can get ready to explore. You can also prepare for your adventure with our 10 Essentials for a Great 4WD Escape.

1. Snorkel

A snorkel helps perform a vital function for your 4WD ute. A snorkel is designed to relocate the air intake from the wheel arch to the roof line. This is essential in the dusty Australian outback to prevent dirt and debris kicked up by your wheels from overwhelming your air filter. The Snorkel is tuned to match the induction pressure for improved driveability. You can fit your Mitsubishi Triton with a snorkel from our genuine accessories range.

2. Off-road tyres

When you buy a ute, it usually comes equipped with highway terrain tyres made for gliding down a sealed road. Your 4x4 ute adventures are going to require something a little tougher. If you’re driving on and off-road, you can fit your ute with all terrain tyres which can handle sealed and unsealed driving. For more extreme adventures, mud-terrain tyres are designed for traction on rock, mud and loose dirt, but aren’t ideal for too much driving on sealed surfaces. Ensure that any tyre change adheres to the requirements listed on the vehicle’s tyre placard.

3. UHF Radio / CB Radio

Many of the best 4WD trails are well beyond the limits of mobile reception. However it’s still essential that you can make contact if something goes wrong. Ultra-high frequency radio (also known as CB Radio) lets you communicate outside mobile range. If you’re driving in a convoy with multiple cars, it’s also a good way to talk to each other and report on hazards coming up ahead.

4. Canopy

A canopy gives you extra protection for your gear and gives you more storage space than an open tray.  This is particularly useful for overnight 4WD trips, or when you want to carry lots of gear that you’d prefer to limit exposure to flying dirt. Canopies like those in our genuine accessories range for Mitsubishi Triton come with a range of options, including dual slide windows, gas lift windows, and roof racks. 

5. Bull Bar

If you’re heading bush, it’s vital you protect the front of your car to avoid being left stranded. A bull bar will protect you and your family in case of a wildlife strike. The Triton bulbar is thoroughly tested and airbag compatible.

6. Light Bar

The Mitsubishi light bar is designed with outbound reflectors for a wide spread of light and inboard reflectors for long range penetration to suit any driving conditions for your 4WD. A light bar attachment will offer several benefits for any off roading adventure:

  • Improved visibility: designed to emit powerful, focused beams of light that will extend further and wider than standard vehicle headlights. This will allow drivers to see potential hazards, obstacles or wildlife on the road or trails ahead more clearly reducing the risk of sudden accidents.
  • Off-Road Illumination: When driving off road, particularly at night time or dark conditions, a light bar significantly improves visibility on rough and uneven terrain. It helps drivers identify potential hazards such as rocks, ditches and other obstructions that could cause damage to your vehicle.
  • Emergency situations: In case of a breakdown or emergency in a remote area, a powerful light bar can serve as a signalling device to attract attention from other drivers or rescue teams.

Note: Installation of LED light bar in combination with Nudge Bar will reduce front camera view where fitted.

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