Business Advantage FAQs

It is a contract that allows for the use of a vehicle/s without the risks of ownership.

It minimises business administration costs, gives you certainty and consistency of vehicle operating costs with one monthly invoice without the risk of ownership. 

All maintenance costs (both scheduled servicing and any unscheduled repairs), registration renewal, accident management, roadside assistance and replacement vehicles* in the event of a breakdown. Optional inclusions are tyre replacement, fuel card, toll management and comprehensive insurance. Fair wear and tear, and excess kilometre charges may apply. 

*Access to a replacement vehicle is available only when your vehicle is in for repair longer than a 24 hour period.

Yes, Mitsubishi Motors Business Advantage is an operating lease for valid ABN holders.

  • Photo ID
  • Record of your active ABN
The following items are completed at the Dealership
  • Mitsubishi Motors Business Advantage quote 
  • Credit application form
  • Privacy consent form

Before the end of your contract, you’ll be asked whether you want to replace the vehicle or extend the contract. If you would like to hold onto the vehicle because the kilometres are low or you’re undecided, we’ll recalculate your rental and reduce your ongoing cost over the extended life of the lease.

That’s easy, you always have this option. Let’s say your initial lease was for 36 months and you decide after only 22 months you no longer need the vehicle. We will work out what you would have paid us over a 22-month term, and you then pay us a balancing amount. You are no worse off than if you’d told us you only wanted the vehicle for 22 months from day one of the contract, or if you had purchased the vehicle outright.